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Extraordinary Journey: How I Healed My Chronic Illness And 30+ Symptoms

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

Hello, I'm Luke Blundell, an Integrative Health Practitioner at Integrated Healing House. My mission? To help you uncover the root cause of your symptoms and help rebalance your body. This blog serves as an account of my own struggles and how I healed my Chronic illness and 30+ chronic symptoms. Which has motivated me to dedicate my life to helping others do the same.


Uncovering My Mystery Illness As I looked at myself one morning, shaving in front of the mirror, my heart started racing uncontrollably. In an instant, a wave of dread washed over me, I collapsed, and immediately, an ambulance was called to rush me to a hospital. The health professionals there attributed my situation to a simple panic attack, but I knew that wasn't the case. Over the next three weeks, I struggled with daily panic attacks, some lasting between two and eight hours. As someone who's experienced a panic attack before, I can attest to the sheer terror they evoke, making you feel as if your life might end at any moment. Out of desperation, I tried to rely on Western medicine but found it unsuitable for my symptoms within a week. Then, it hit me like a lightning bolt – 30+ chronic symptoms all at once. I had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and a host of other ailments. My entire body ached with a persistent burning sensation, so intense it felt as if someone had set me on fire. Bedridden with no energy, I succumbed to low moods, depression, anxiety, and overwhelming panic. The brain fog made me feel as if I was walking around with a towel over my head, while the depersonalization and derealization made me question my own identity. When my balance and vision started deteriorating, I knew something had to change.

Climbing Out of the Abyss with Root Cause Testing I invested an exorbitant $50,000 in my health journey, and trust me when I say this, it’s not necessary. I stumbled and experimented with a multitude of different methods, despite 22 different doctors and practitioners telling me that my illness was just in my mind. Amid all this, however, I found my beacon of hope: root cause testing - a battery of tests including urine, saliva, and stool tests, which gave me the answers I was searching for. It was astounding to find out about my internal ecosystem deficiencies, like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, high copper toxicity, parasites, and bacterial overgrowth. It all began to make sense, if I worked on reversing these, my symptoms would start to alleviate.

Sample report

My Strategy to Rebalance the Body With new-found clarity, I set on a path to eliminate the parasites and bacterial overgrowth, and counter the heavy metal toxicity. I addressed my nervous system to battle the endemic stress to aid the healing process. After dedicated proceedings, within just three months, I started to feel better, with progressively fewer bad days. I clung on to the glimmer of hope that better days were coming. “Healing is possible. Reversing your symptoms is possible.” At no point did I ever accept the verdict of my condition being permanent. That tenacity, determination, and faith fueled my journey. Simultaneously, I dedicated 8-10 hours daily to studying about my condition, pushing past the brain fog, depersonalization, and derealization. This laid the ground for my work today - simplifying the journey for others by educating them about root cause testing, supplements, and wellness protocols. "Healing is a journey and there will be setbacks, but persistence is key."

A New Chapter: Integrated Healing House Upon regaining my health, I recognized the importance of my journey not just for myself, but also those around me who might be struggling too. This marked the inception of Integrated Healing House. Here, I strive towards exploring the root causes of chronic illnesses and devise a suitable plan to help patients fight their symptoms. In my experience, dealing with chronic illness involves approaching the issue from various angles. It's impossible to heal with merely a great diet or high-quality supplements. Instead, a combination of a balanced diet, appropriate exercise, and stress management led by suitable supplements is needed. "Start getting the foundations right, start looking at the diet, at the exercise, at the stress." Keeping this in mind, I'll be sharing content on such critical topics through my YouTube channel.

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Are you finding yourself trapped in a seemingly endless healing journey, and being told it's all in your head? Please know you're not alone. There is hope, and there are answers. It's time you took control of your health – Click here to book your free 20-minute alignment call. Let's explore how I can support you in uncovering the underlying root causes of your symptoms to help you rebalance the body.

Register for My Upcoming Facebook Group If you're grappling with any form of chronic illness or mystery symptoms and seek guidance, I'm poised to soon launch a free Facebook group. You can join by clicking on the link below. The group will aim at providing free information, knowledge, and tips to start your healing journey, and in essence, not just get your life back, but feel alive and thrive.


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