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Your path to gut health and vitality begins here with our CBO Protocol (Candida and Bacterial Optimizer). Unbalanced gut health can lead to digestive and other health concerns, but our comprehensive three-month program is here to help.


What the CBO Protocol Offers:


Holistic Gut Rebalance: This program is designed to gradually shift your gut microbiome back to a state of balance. It focuses on removing unwanted microbes and slowly reintroducing beneficial probiotic strains.

Biofilm Disruption: Our unique approach includes biofilm disruption, a vital step often overlooked in gut healing protocols. It helps break down the protective layer around unwanted microbes.

Herbal Microbial Balance: We utilize herbal and botanical ingredients to inhibit unwanted microbes, promoting a healthier gut environment.

Replenish and Restore: After addressing the imbalances, we introduce beneficial microbes to restore gut health and optimize wellness.

Safe and Effective: The CBO Protocol employs a gentle-to-strong approach over 90 days, ensuring the safe removal of unwanted bacteria while introducing beneficial microorganisms.


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CBO Gut Protocol

GST Included |
  • Unlock the benefits of the CBO Protocol: Balance your body's microbiome, support gut health, and improve overall well-being with this 3 month protocol.

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