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Discover the remarkable benefits of EquiLife's Heavy Metal Detox Protocol, a holistic solution designed to safeguard your health in a world where exposure to toxic heavy metals is inevitable. With heavy metals like mercury, lead, and chromium lurking in everyday items such as food, water, and the environment, it's essential to proactively address these threats. Our protocol comprises three potent products engineered to seek out, dismantle, and safely eliminate these harmful toxins from your body.


  • Harness the potency of our herbal blend, strategically targeting and binding to metal toxins.
  • Utilize biofilm disruptors to penetrate and break down harmful microorganisms.
  • Leverage the strength of powerful binding agents, ensuring toxins are securely captured and neutralized.
  • Enhance your body's detoxification pathways, facilitating a safe and effective removal process.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of our user-friendly instructions, making your journey to better health accessible and straightforward.


Embrace the Heavy Metal Detox Protocol to shed the burden of heavy metal toxicity and unlock a healthier, toxin-free version of yourself.


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Please note that the estimated delivery time is 14 business days. This is an approximation and may vary based on various factors, including customs clearance and local delivery services.

When you place an order, your items will be ordered directly from the manufacturer, delivered to our fulfillment center, and then shipped to your address.

Heavy Metal Detox

GST Included |
  • Reap the Benefits of Our Heavy Metal Detox Protocol: Boost Your Vitality, Bolster Immunity, and Enhance Your Overall Well-being.

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