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If you're grappling with persistent digestive discomfort, unpredictable mood swings, or a weakened immune system, the Organic Acids Test is your passport to unraveling the intricate workings of your body. This invaluable test empowers you to gain a deep understanding of your health, all through the simplicity of a urine sample collected in the comfort of your home.


Unlocking a wealth of insights, this test delves into your vitamin and amino acid status, detoxification capacity, energy production, and more. It's your proactive step towards identifying imbalances and rejuvenating your overall well-being.


The Organic Acids Metabolomic Profile is a nutritional marvel that peels back the layers of your health, providing a unique view into your body's cellular metabolic processes. With tailored reference ranges for children, it offers precise paediatric nutritional evaluations. By identifying metabolic roadblocks that can be addressed through nutrition, this test allows for personalized interventions, optimizing patient responses and ultimately leading to improved outcomes.

This nutritional test extracts a treasure trove of patient information from a single urine specimen. It's a powerful tool for determining:


  • Functional vitamin and mineral status
  • Amino acid insufficiencies, such as carnitine and NAC
  • Oxidative damage and antioxidant requirements
  • Phase I & Phase II detoxification capacity
  • Functional B-complex vitamin needs
  • Neurotransmitter metabolites
  • Mitochondrial energy production
  • Methylation sufficiency
  • Lipoic acid and CoQ10 status
  • Markers for bacterial and yeast overgrowth
  • Oxalate markers
  • Nutritional indicators


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Organic Acids Test (Includes Consult)

GST Included |
  • Includes a 30-Minute consult to discuss results.

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