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90 Minute Once Off Consultation

Are you seeking clarity on your health journey? Our 90-Minute Once-Off Consultation is designed to provide you with a wealth of insights. During this thorough session, we'll explore your complete health history, current concerns, and persistent symptoms. We'll leave no stone unturned. By the end of this consultation, you'll hold in your hands a comprehensive plan and protocol meticulously tailored to your unique situation. This is the ideal starting point to bridge the gap between where you are and where you aspire to be on your path to wellness.

Health History Analysis

Let's dive deep into your past health history, including past illnesses, medications, and treatments. This forms the foundation of understanding your health journey.

Root Cause Investigation

Begin exploring potential root causes for your symptoms. This might involve discussing past traumas, environmental and lifestyle factors, or genetic predispositions.

Supplement Recommendations

We will explore your current supplement regimen, evaluating its effectiveness in addressing your health concerns. I will provide personalized recommendations and guidance on selecting supplements and protocols that align with your unique health situation and goals.

Current Symptoms and Concerns

We will explore the symptoms and health concerns you are currently experiencing. This provides crucial insights into where you are on your health journey.

Mindset and Motivation

We will address your current mindset and motivation for making health changes. I'll help you overcome any mental barriers or self-limiting beliefs.

Wellness Goals and Action Plan

Together, we'll shape your path to wellness. We'll discuss your goals, both immediate and long-term, and create an action plan designed just for you. This plan will provide clear steps and protocols to help you reach your health objectives effectively.

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